One proposed method is utilizing the ionization discovery employed in the Geiger counter.

The discovery was made in 1908, and is a battery setup with an anode and a cathode that connects to a sealed chamber containing a gas that reacts to radiation.

The stronger the radiation the more electricity produced (intense reaction). The chamber reaction creates electrical current that is then moved along tungsten filament to the anode and readings of strength of radiation is measured by the intensity of the electric current due to the radiation present.

The brilliant discovery in 1908 is even more brilliant when considering the fact once the electricity is moved along the gas mixture is in continuous loop of gas electricity, gas electricity. Most Geiger counter units also work with sound, and that sound become more intense with the intensity of electric current created by the radiation.

Below we have a conceptual drawing, not to scale, of the proposed Specogna ionization plant over a Quebec 100% owned deposit, the Doran (LACANA) that hosts 11.4+ million tonnes of lower grade Uranium, 0.025% U3O8. The deposit is 725 meters long and 15 meters wide.

The Specogna ionization plant will cover the extent of the Doran (Lacana) Uranium deposit. The concept construction and workings is exactly as the Geiger counter. Argon gas mixture filled chamber when hit by radiation immediately creates electricity with the Tungsten wiring throughout and metal cladding outer layer directing the electricity to a transformer. The gas mixture continually discharges and recharges. The higher the ionization plant height the more radiation will be converted to electricity.

Does this process destroy the dissipating radiation exiting the Uranium deposit? It is uncertain without the Specogna ionization plant working on site, but theoretically, the radiation continues it's path, hence the higher the plant over a radiation source the more times the same radiation is turned to electricity, this has not been proven as yet.

This one Specogna ionization plant, measuring 750 meters by 25 meters by 100 meters height, will produce more electrical power than the combined current North American electrical Production- and it involves no mining, no disturbance of the in-situ Uranium, no waste. AND it will produce energy for 4.5 BILLION YEARS. The plant can be of smaller scale, the energy output is related to the source volume of radiation, and the higher the plant the more radiation captured instantaneously.

The Specogna ionization plant can sit on surface or, since Argon gas is lighter than air, hover over a radiation source.

The Specogna ionization plant over the DORAN *LACANA) deposit will produce at least 5.99 Trillion MW of energy, enough to power 5.99 QAUDRILLION homes. The total current North American, Canada and USA, electrical production is less than 12 Trillion MWh of energy, from over 10,300 plants, some of which use Uranium concentrated mined ores that create nuclear waste for 4.5 billion years, or from coal and mineral oil's that are mined and processed and cause surface mining destruction and waste and, most importantly all three combine to global warming and climate change.

Ionization and the other two methods, super conductor nanomaterial(gold, platinum, palladium) and super conductor nanobot technology, of in-situ Uranium utilization will eliminate global warming and is sustainable for earth's future with electricity produced for 4.5 billion years. Also, capturing radiation from space.

The math to the 5.99 Trillion MW of electricity.

The deposit is over 11.4 million tonnes of material, multiply by 1000kg/1 tonnes that is 11400 million kg.

It is known that 1 kg of Uranium (100%) produces 24,000,000 kwh of energy,

the deposit average is 0.025% Uranium, which is 0.025 divided by 100, resulting in 0.00025 Uranium per kg,

the deposit as known, hosts 11400 million kg x 0.00025 Uranium per kg, is 2,850,000 kg of Uranium,

that Uranium releases 2,850,000 kg x 24,000,000 kwh/kg energy, which is 68,400,000,000,000 kwh,

or 1000kwh/MWh, 68.4 Billion MWh of energy

which in 1 year equates to 24hr/day times 365 days,

5.99 Trillion MW of energy.

5.99 Trillion MW of energy, using the average North American home usage, would power 5.99 quadrillion homes.

This amount of energy from the one Specogna ionization plant. The ionization plant will be used worldwide on Uranium occurrences and deposits. The ionization plant does not need to be large, it can be used on local radioactive energy that is dissipating and produce electricity without disturbing the resource or area and without any waste produced. Global warming is eliminated.

The Specogna ionization plant could be setup as a floating ionization plant, as Argon gas is lighter than air, and radioactivity dissipates in all directions.