Saskatchewan Uranium

Saskatchewan links to historic Uranium results

occurrences with 5%+ U3O8 grabs, 15,000 cps, 5000 cps, drill results upto 0.93% U3O8, areas measuring lenses may be up to 230 ft (70 m) wide and 1000 ft (305 m) long and together have a strike length of over 2500 ft (762 m)......highest assay obtained was 0.110% U3O8 hilites grab sample from a 4 ft (1.2 m) long stringer assayed 5.75% U3O8 equivalent hilites one selected grab sample assayed 5.44% U3O8. Only one intersection from drill holes returned significant mineralization, 0.94% U3O8 over 2 ft (0.61 m)