Marino Specogna is a Canadian born multi-billionaire with his CiRN holdings. Born and raised in the rough and tough communities of Haida Gwaii and Nanaimo, British Columbia, Marino Specogna grew up in the mining exploration business as his father, Efrem, and Uncle Johnny 'longbeard" were professional prospectors.

Marino Specogna was a child gold miner in the 1970's working on weekends on his father, Efrem Specogna, and uncle Johnny "longbeard" Trinco, gold discovery on Haida Gwaii. The mining area actually was discovered by Marino Specogna, when on a day outing to the initial epithermal quartz swarm area initially discovered by Efrem and Johnny Trinco. With both Efrem and Uncle Longbeard being in the prime shape of their lives and over 1km ahead of Marino his dog Pluto. Marino had to make a pit stop and relieved himself near a sitka spruce with a view over the valley. "The sun glistened back in a vivid yellow from the pebbles removed spot".

Scrapping the 200 meter wide area of loose pebble revealed quartz swarms hosting gold, and was called the Marino showing. This area was hand mined for the gold laden quartz veins that measured upto an inch wide. Later in 1979, with the price of gold reacting worldwide to inflation, oil price increases and geopolitical instability, the junior mining company working the deposit, rocketed on huge volumes from 5 cents a share to over $22 a share, when a drill intercept over 200 meters returned high grade gold values. Several other gold prospects of Efrem discoveries on Haida Gwaii went into other public companies, with both trading over $10 on shared discovery of high grade gold values in another area for over 130 feet on surface. Drilling later outlined a low grade 3 million tonnes of material. With the high flying stock and drill intercept, several TV shows based in Canada producer reality show, one program, Live it Up was a CTV series. News publications worldwide made visits to writeup the story, including People Magazine, making Efrem Specogna and family members the first British Columbians to ever be featured in People Magazine. The deposit has drill indicated 40+ million tonnes gold, owned by third parties in 2022.

Marino Specogna was a victim of the Vancouver Stock Exchange purges in the late 1980's early 1990's, when the globalist movement set sights on Canada. After the former Premier of British Columbia and associates were prosecuted by the globalists on a mandate to eliminate the Vancouver Stock Exchange as several geopolitical conflicts required money transfer to the safe jurisdication of Canada, those being South Africa and HongKong. After the Bennett's, Murray Pezim who at the time, was the greatest stock promoter and mining magnate of new discoveries in Canada was prosecuted and left penniless. After Murray Pezim was obliterated, Marino Specogna was targeted and given the longest stock trading ban in history at the time.

Later after 9/11, on that date Marino and Efrem were on Haida Gwaii staking claims, Marino Specogna was snared in the Snowden computer tracking program which had been conceived solely to snare terrorists, but which is still utilized on North American citizens to present day. On an anonymous tip from the mandated authority controlling the program, Marino Specogna was eventually convicted in 2006 for VAT type tax fraud with manufactured evidence, and even though Italian authorities had compiled an extensive report finding no illegality had been committed. The Snowden computer program focused on Marino Specogna mis-typed first name. At jury trial, the error had been changed and attested to being original to garner conviction.

Since 2008, Marino Specogna projects have received investor interest, with some listed deals worldwide, trading over 100 million shares a day.

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